One of the important matters in selling a drama is how you market your product before it even start. You have to consider the Netizens’ interests so they would consider that your drama is worth watching for. Getting a profitable actor is the number one must-have. Obtaining an interesting plot is also a factor and having a brilliant writer to bring out the best from the casts. However, the thing that would only matters at the end of the day is the Story Line. Netizens would probably be sticking to that drama with strong line no matter who the actors are.

Now that the schedule for Wednesday-Thursday drama is settled, let us consider the possible arsenal of each dramas

Medical Top Team    
Casts: Kwon Sang Woo/ Ju Ji Hoon/ Jung Ryeo Won
Air Date: 10/2/13
Broadcasting Channel: MBC
Arsenal: Strong Line-up/ Story Line/ JJH’s Comeback

Casts: Lee Min Ho/ Park Shin Hye
Air Date: 10/9/13
Broadcasting Channel: SBS
Arsenal: Lead Casts/ Writer

Inspiring Age
Casts: Kim Hyun Joong/ Lim Soo Hyang/ Kim So Eun
Air Date: 11/20/2013
Broadcasting Channel: KBS2
Arsenal: Story Line/ Jihoo-GaEul

Man From The Stars
Casts: Kim Soo Hyun/ Jeon Ji Hyun
Air Date: 12/2013
Broadcasting Channel: SBS
Arsenal: Male Lead Cast/ JJH’s Comeback

Beautiful Man
Cast: Jang Geun Suk
Air Date: 12/2013
Broadcasting Channel: MBC
Arsenal: Male Lead

Now I want you to take a look at the chart. Please note that this is only from my own perspective or opinion so nothing’s wrong or right. You may share yours too if you want. The comment box is waiting for you.
Back to the chart, it is what I think will draw the line between these dramas. For me the biggest competition here for ‘Inspiring Age’ is Kwon Sang Woo’s medical drama.
‘Medical Top Team’ has all the competitive factors a drama should have. The cast itself is a weapon. Kwon Sang Woo and Ju Ji Hoon in one and add up Jung Ryeo Won. It’s a powerhouse drama. I’m sure Netizens won’t think twice to tune in until the end on this drama unless the writer flops and ruin the momentum.
However, a medical drama can have it’s downside. It’s quite boring and can lead you to information overload with all the medical terms being injected to the viewers. That’s a little turn off for me.

As for ‘Inspiring Age’, since Netizens doesn’t have much that of a passion over Kim Hyun Joong’s acting, I’m sensing the story line will save the day. But hey, who knows, Kim Hyun Joong might nail this one. Let’s not close our doors in this young man. He has a lot to offer. All he needs is a matter of time and experience.  Also, let us not forget the reunion of Jihoo Sunbae and Gaeul. Everybody knows that Jihoo and GaEul isn’t the love team we watched in Boys Over Flowers but some fans are curious and excited on how will they work out as a team.

The team up of Kim Soo Hyun and Jeon Ji Hyun also can make an impact. Jeon Ji Hyun’s last drama was like 10 years ago, so this will mark as her drama comeback after a long time. We knew this lovely actress in movies like ‘Windstruck’ and ‘My Sassy Girl’ so she’s quite loved by the Korean Netizens. But as I’ve said the storyline is kinda off for me, I don’t know maybe the storyline is too childish considering their lead casts are great actors so I expected a more mature drama for them.

There are no definite infos yet for JGS drama so I won’t be saying anything about it yet. But I may say that this drama’s getting a lot of attention because of JGS. Some like it some not. So it’s still a question for me how to judge it. Let’s wait.

Netizens are anticipating the pair up of Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye for the drama ‘Heirs’. We all know how good of an actor LMH is and we adore PSH so much that we would watch her drama no matter how suck up it is, so ‘Heirs’ is quite a competition as well. Krystal from F(x) is one of the casts so add it up to the booster factor!

The bottom line of this battle is, each of them has a weapon to catch the Netizens’ heart. So who will win then? Bias aside, I think it’s either ‘Inspiring Age’ or ‘Medical Top Team’ can bag this one up. Deep story line and execution still is the deciding factor so yeah, either of them can dominate. However, it’s too early to tell but it won’t hurt if we give ourselves a little predictions, won’t it?